Systems Engineer

✓ Modeling of system control chains
✓ Functional architecture modelling
✓ Model validation
✓ Functional safety aspects reproduced in accordance with IEC61508 and ISO 26262




The LieberLieber Systems Engineer product suite is a product package intended to improve and extend the features and possibilities of systems engineering and system modeling for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect using the Systems Modeling Language (SysML). This suite provides elements and features to model aspects of Functional Safety Management (FSM, IEC61508, ISO26262) and supports modeling in accordance with the methodology described by the German-language book “Modellbasierte Systementwicklung mit SysML” by LieberLieber consultant and trainer Oliver Alt.
  • Model organization with abstraction levels
  • Modeling of control chain architectures
  • Functional architecture
  • Reuse and construction kit concepts supported with ‘ReferenceOf’
  • Assignment of ‘(A)SIL’ to components and interfaces
To ensure fast and fluid modeling, the LieberLieber Modeling Assistants are included in the product suite. These assistants support the modelers by, for example, automatically setting correct properties when elements are connected. Also, they provide extended layout functionalities and ensure a valid model because they extend the model validation capabilities of Enterprise Architect with a focus on system modeling.

LieberLieber Systems Engineer features

  • Improved Quick-Linker support for SysML
  • Item Flow connector as a continuous line
  • Extended element toolboxes for EnArSys methodology: Functional Properties, Software Properties, Chain Properties
  • Stereotypes of special property elements are visualized with a colored icon
  • ReferenceOf reuse concept with tool supported data synchronization
  • Deploy connector for SW/HW allocation
  • Model Pattern for easy creation of abstraction level model structures
  • Optional: Support of Functional Safety (FSM, IEC61508, ISO26262) aspects in the modeling
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