LieberLieber Variant Management

Get your variants under control with Feature Modeling

The management of variants and variability in the development and manufacture of products plays a role in almost every field. It pervades all product areas, and through all stages of development.

LieberLieber offers customized solution packages for handling variants and variability, based on the method of feature modeling. This gives you the ability to describe and define variants and variabilities. Based on this, variants of work products can be fully automatically generated in the entire product lifecycle with our variant generator.

The methodology is universally applicable. Several examples are:

  • Requirements in requirements management tools
  • Architecture and Design in a modeling tool like Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect
  • Software implementations
  • Hardware (circuit diagrams and parts lists)
  • Selection of appropriate test cases and test suites
  • MS Office (Word, Excel, etc.)

The following graphic illustrates the approach of the feature model-based variant management as made possible using the LieberLieber solutions:


The LieberLieber Feature Modeler is, along with the Variant Generator, at the heart of Variant Management. With the help of LieberLieber Feature Modeler, you can easily create feature and variant models that are used by one or more variant generators to automatically generate a variant from a prepared base work product. The automation also affords you significant cost and time savings generated already from the first generated version.

LieberLieber is happy to create a tailor-made solution for your variant management that integrates perfectly into your existing tool and process environment! Contact us today!